Light saber

Most expensive light sabers

Over the years an active community of Star War fans aimed to recreate the perfect light saber. What started out as a recreation of the movie prop, grow into a real form of art thanks to new technologies (led, 3d printing, …). It evolved from recreating the look of a light saber to including light and sound effects. These are some of the finest and most expensive light sabers.

Most expensive whiskey
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Most expensive bottle of Whisky?

Right now an exclusive bottle of whisky is for sale online. Catawiki, an online auction platform is presenting a 50 Years Old Donatella® Scotch Whisky. It will not be the most expensive bottle of whisky ever, but on the Donatella website it has a hefty price tag of € 90.000,00. At that price it would be in the top 10 of most expensive whiskys.


The most expensive smartphone brand?

When you are looking around for a new mobile phone, you are probably not considering a Vertu phone. This company had the mission to upgrade the mobile phone to a real status symbol. By offering customized “blinged out” smartphones it was only available for the wealthy few. Today Vertu is out of business, but you can still find some online.


Most expensive Lego

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Lego collecting has really taken off in recent years, partly because of nostalgia partly because of the genius of Lego branding. This has led to whopping prices for Lego items. Here are the most expensive Lego brick, Lego Minifigure, Lego Minifigurine set and Lego set. Hold on to your wallet!

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Most expensive Game of Thrones gifts

The HBO hit series Game of Thrones has attracted a worldwide fan base. No wonder multiple sites offer some exclusive  merchandise and goodies for the Game of Thrones fans. Here is a selection of the most expensive gifts you can put on your wish list for the holidays or for your birthday. Or buy these yourself. But then maybe you have to pay a visit to the Iron Bank of Bravoos for a loan.