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February 2018

Light saber

Most expensive light sabers

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Over the years an active community of Star War fans aimed to recreate the perfect light saber. What started out as a recreation of the movie prop, grow into a real form of art thanks to new technologies (led, 3d printing, …). It evolved from recreating the look of a light saber to including light and sound effects. These are some of the finest and most expensive light sabers.

Most expensive whiskey
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Most expensive bottle of Whisky?

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Right now an exclusive bottle of whisky is for sale online. Catawiki, an online auction platform is presenting a 50 Years Old Donatella® Scotch Whisky. It will not be the most expensive bottle of whisky ever, but on the Donatella website it has a hefty price tag of € 90.000,00. At that price it would be in the top 10 of most expensive whiskys.