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Most expensive Game of Thrones gifts

The HBO hit series Game of Thrones has attracted a worldwide fan base. No wonder multiple sites offer some exclusive  merchandise and goodies for the Game of Thrones fans. Here is a selection of the most expensive gifts you can put on your wish list for the holidays or for your birthday. Or buy these yourself. But then maybe you have to pay a visit to the Iron Bank of Bravoos for a loan.

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Montegrappa Game Of Thrones Fountain Pens ($350)

Producer of luxury goods Montegrappa has created 4 fountain pens (also available as roller pens) for the 4 main houses of Game of Thrones.
This  series of writing instruments convey the grandeur of this most remarkable saga.

$ 350 (per pen)

Available on Amazon

House of Stark pen

House of Lannister pen

House of Targaryen pen

Hous of Baratheon pen


Loras Tyrell Collectable Helmet (€ 369)

The handsome young Ser Loras was the secret lover of Renly Baratheon, for whom he served as Kingsguard. After Renly’s murder, Loras was persuaded to side with the Lannisters and helped them defend King’s Landing. This adult collectible is officially licensed and is an edition strictly limited to 1000 pieces. It includes a display stand and a certificate of authenticity.

€ 369.99

Available in the HBO Store


Winterfell Desktop Sculpture (€ 529,95)

Watch the granite walls of Winterfell rise around you with this limited-edition desktop sculpture (series of 1500)


Available in the HBO Store



The Royal Crown Of King Robert Baratheon Limited Edition (529.95)

Crown yourself king with this exact replica of the Royal Crown of King Robert Baratheon.

€ 529.95

Available in the HBO store



Drogon Choker -Sterling Silver (€ 1,620)

Khaleesi’s iconic dragon choker as seen in Game Of Thrones Season 5 episodes 10 and Season 6 episodes 1,2 & 3!

Intricately hand carved the dragon’s mouth opens and closes.

Available in the HBO store


The Iron Throne Miniature Bronze Replica ($2,779)


  • Crafted in solid bronze
  • Measures 12 x 9 inches


Available on Amazon

Mother of Dragons Chain -Sterling Silver (€ 3,000)

€3,000 buys you the Mother of Dragons Chain
Khaleesi’s iconic Chain seen throughout Game Of Thrones Season 7!

This showpiece body chain was designed to show the Mother of Dragons at her most powerful.

Available in the HBO store


First edition prints signed by R.R. Martin (€4,000)

Buy the rare true U.K. first editions/first impressions of Books 1, 2 & 3 published by Voyager (Harper-Collins) with all 3 books hand signed by both George R. R. Martin and the illustrator Jim Burns

 Price: € 4,000

Available on eBay


Game of Thrones Costumes (€3,000 – €6,700)

Faden Design studios offers a series of highly detailed replicas the most iconic gowns an clothing of the Game of Thrones series.

Available on Etsy

Lady Sansa Stark – Direwolf velvet gown-Season 6 ($3,150)

Jon Snow Night’s Watch Outfit ($4,125)

Cersei Lannister- Lion Gown- Season 6 ($6,725)


Game of Thrones Pro Edition Arcade Pinball Machine ($6,800)

Players can choose to be a knight of the stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, martell, or tyrell family houses, and can pick other houses to battle.

Buy it on Amazon


Most expensive of all Game of Thrones gifts:

18K Gold Game of Thrones Iron Throne Limited Edition Fountain Pen ($58,650)

The Game of Thrones Montegrappa pens (see top of this article) are cheap compared to this limited edition pen 18K gold pen by the same manufacturer.

  • unique cap finished with overlapping swords resembling a crown meant to represent the 7 kingdoms
  • clip is an 18k yellow and white gold sword with a genuine ruby.
  • 18k yellow gold nib engraved with a motif of the Iron Throne.

The pen is limited to only 7 units worldwide. One of these 7 pens already sold on eBay this year

Still one available on eBay



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